Mara Duer (University of Warwick), Simone Vegliò (King’s College London) attended the 1st and 2nd edition (respectively) of the Global Studies and Critical Theory Summer School (AGHTC).organised by the University of Bologna, Duke University and the University of West Virginia.

With the  Alumni Collaborative Project Support, we organized this workshop to broaden up the conversation on our critical analysis looking at the interweaving between modern and colonial spatial relations.

Mara Duer is an Early Career Fellow at the Institue of Advanced Studies at Warwick University. Mara’s research focuses on the formation of the modern countryside under the advancement of extractive capitalism and its resistance by rural indigenous communities. Through a critical take on Western philosophy, her PhD questions the narrow approach in the understanding of land as a relation of exclusive ownership. She is particularly interested in critical analysis of modern topographies from the perspective of modern-colonial relations which are characterized by a system of racialized hierarchies of domination.

Simone Vegliò is doing his PhD in the Geography Department of  King’s College London. His research is an interpretation of postcolonial Latin America.  The project is framed within a ‘rethinking’ of American history based on ‘Decolonial’ Studies and it attempts to offer a configuration of Latin American geography. He considers crucial the transition from the colonial to postcolonial phase, that is to say, the arrival of the nation-states, in terms of spaces, borders, hierarchies and, not least, resistances.